Current research

This section outlines the current research projects and groups that we have on the go at UEL.

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Mortality awareness Internship

We have been so lucky to receive an intern grant to work with a student at UEL on a very exciting and innovative project. Led by Professor MarkMcDermott and myself, we are going to supervise a grounded theory analysis on the links between mortality awareness and well-being. Watch this space for results!

Walking for Wellbeing

Over the next few months, researcher in Scotland will be hosting three information sharing events, called “walkshops” focused on the links between walking and well being. These walkshops aim to put theory into practice and will ensure that attendees are more active than during the usual workshops.

The three walkshops will have a variety of  attendees from researchers, practitioners and policy makers and wil run from March 31st- June 2014. 

I will be speaking at the first walkshop with Prof Rich Mitchell.

For more information, please see the following link or contact Dr Chloe McAdam via email –, Phone  – 0131 651 6035, Twitter –  @Walking4Well or via our blog

2012 Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Project

Led by Marcia Wilson and James Beale, I have been very lucky to be part of Every Child a Sports Person (ECASP) which gets students living in the Olympic boroughs out for a day of activity and encourages them to try 5 different sports that they may not have access to. Currently in its early stages, we are already getting great data which we hope to present at the International Positive Psychology Conference talking place this summer, in Los Angeles. For more information, please see link below:

Flourishing in Higher Education

PhD student, Nesrin Gokcen, is currently completing the validation of a scale used to evaluate flourishing in higher education. To access our content analysis research, which led to the creation of scale items, please see publications section.

MIND Croydon

We are currently participating in the evaluation of Mind’s physical activity  programmes (Active Minds) with mental health service users. We are interested and dedicated to discovering the experience of using the aforementioned facility and its positive effects on resilience, post-traumatic growth and well-being.

Post Traumatic Growth and Spinal Cord Injuries

Myself and my colleague Andrew Sparkes, located at at the University of Liverpool, are currently researching the existence of Post Traumatic growth within SCI patients and the links to narrative research.

Physical Activity and Cancer: A  5 Year Follow up study

Following the success of the Cancer Research UK funded randomised controlled trial in assessing the benefits of activity participation during chemotherapy, I am currently conducting a wide scale qualitative evaluation of the same cancer survivors activity adherence 5 years later. This study aims to understand the facilitators and inhibitors of activity participation unique to female breast cancer survivors. Preliminary results were presented at the European positive psychology conference in Copenhagen this summer and the final results will be disseminated to the participants early next year.

Targeted and Mental Health Services Resilience programme

The completed study was commissioned to target children of primary and secondary school age who had severe behavioural, emotional and social issues.  The small scale evaluation research took place over 9 months and evaluated the impact of two outreach workers on several behavioral and emotional outcomes of 20 families.  To read or learn more, please email

Supervision Student Research 2013-2014

  • Nutrition and well-being
  • Passion, sport and well being in elite athletes
  • The role of Cultural intelligence in high performing leaders
  • The links between Yoga and embodiment
  • Positive psychology and Chinese literature
  • Peak performance, business and positive psychology
  • Happiness, educational attainment and positive psychology

Supervision Student Research 2012-2013

  • Sport, the body and Posttraumatic growth
  • The role of social media in exercise adoption and adherence
  • Flourishing in Multiple Sclerosis
  • The benefits of singing for the brain on individuals with Alzheimers 
  • Understanding Zumba as adult play
  • Movement within positive parenting
  • Wellbeing during early motherhood 
  • Family resilience after cancer 

Supervision Student Research 2011-2012

  • Using ‘strengths’ within a personalised exercise programme
  • Impact of ParkRun on well-being
  • PTG and mental health difficulties
  • Education and cross cultural intrinsic motivation
  • Hope and recovery from substance misuse
  • The positive psychology of travel-gap years
  • Fashion engagement: a theory of well-being
  • Body awareness and subjective well being
  • Returning to work after cancer
  • Mindfulness and time awareness
  • Eudaimonic Resilience
  • Social support or activity: what causes well-being?
  • Flourishing at University

Supervision Student Research 2010-2011

  • The importance of a structured debrief session in strength assessment
  • Small business owners and strengths assessments
  • Violent offenders and Posttraumatic growth: A new model of rehabilitation
  • Understanding peak performance among female athletes
  • The impact of a structured positive psychology programme on disadvantaged youths
  • Understanding the body and well-being during cancer
  • Engagement in the workplace
  • Positive relationships

Supervision Student Research 2009-2010

  • The impact of a positive psychology programme on well-being within the workplace
  • The effects of Neuro-Feedback training on well-being
  • Inspiration: Inspiring people
  • Post-traumatic growth and children in care
  • Fashion and well-being
  • The experience of travelling to Auschwitz
  • Understanding Passion
  • Understanding the body in the cancer process
  • Fathers experiences of having a child with Aspergers Syndrome
  • A new model of the engaged employee
  • Strengths use within autism: A case study analysis

Supervision Student Research 2008-2009

  • Outdoors vs indoors: a comparison of exercise environments on well-being
  • Cross cultural analysis of Happiness within women
  • The use of Best Possible Selves for health behaviour changes and well-being
  • PTG and return to education
  • Creativity and well-being
  • Physical activity and PTG during exams
  • Hip hop and well-being

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